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Allure Window Treatments carries top quality wooden and aluminum blinds in Philadelphia, PA. Window blinds are a familiar window treatment to many and continue to be a go-to, staple window covering for horizontal and vertical options for several reasons. The adjustable nature of a blind’s thin slats to control light and privacy while the shade is lowered or traversed over the window makes it a versatile choice of covering.

Tilting of the slats is essential to maintain views and for refracting light so that a room can receive the exact amount of desired exposure where and when it is needed. In today’s market, simple and hassle-free operating options exist that did not in past years which make blinds conveniently functional. Blinds have been known to be pesky in the past because of tangled cords and strings and frustratingly cumbersome due to trying to balance and even-out the things! Blinds in Philadelphia are now able to be constructed with sophisticated motorization systems with remote-controlled operation or integration with Smart Home systems. Manual options are more advanced as well, including cordless lifting mechanisms and advanced-engineered corded mechanisms for flawless operation.

Blinds can be matched to enhance any décor – elegant to transitional to modern. The material options for blinds are aplenty with distressed and stained genuine hardwoods, affordable faux-woods, and sleek to rustic aluminums. Within the material options are a plethora of striking color and stain choices. An overall beautifully complete look can be achieved by adding a decorative valance, accented cloth tapes, and chic wand attachments to coordinate with a room’s interior style. Because the Philadelphia area hosts homes and buildings with a wealth of diverse architecture, our designers can help you find a blind to perfectly suit any room.

In addition to smooth operating systems and an assortment of style and color choices, our Hunter Douglas blind collection comes with an exclusive Lifetime Guarantee. Designed and custom-assembled in the U.S.A., these well-built blinds ensure longevity of use and functionality, beauty, and durability. You can look forward to your window treatment investment to be fruitful in the sense that these blinds will not warp, bend, nor discolor and continue to provide functional and stylish benefits for years.

Please call us at 215.463.0440 to set up a complementary consultation with our in-house designers, or stop into our showroom to browse through our blind sample books to gather ideas and coordinate your perfect window treatments.

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