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Welcome to our window treatment picture gallery. Here you can find pictures of kitchen blinds we’ve made for clients in Philly area along with photos of our living room window treatments and bedroom shades. As you look at the pictures, you can also read through our brief guides and tips on choosing window treatments for various parts of your home.

Kitchen Window Treatments

Your kitchen is the center for most family gatherings, and it’s where you cook those delicious meals that keep your family healthy. It’s also one of the rooms with the greatest foot traffic in the home. Stylish window treatments can make your kitchen more inviting, but you need to take the location of the windows into consideration before you add window treatments.


If your windows are close to the stove, sink or places where you prepare food, they’ll easily encounter water, splatters, steam and oil. In this case, you should consider using vinyl roller shades or faux wood blinds or shutters, which are relatively durable and easy to clean.


If your windows are located farther away from the sink or cooking area, you may want to use woven wood shades, Roman shades or a type of roller shade. And if you want to reduce the heat that comes into your kitchen, remember that you can increase your home’s energy efficiency with cellular shades.


Check out our gallery of photos for more kitchen window treatment ideas.

horizontal blinds in kitchen
vertical blinds picture gallery

Living Room Window Treatments

Before you select any living room window treatments, consider how you use your living room. A few questions to ask include:


  • Do you want to entertain a lot of guests there?
  • Do you host formal dinner parties?
  • Is your living room a place where you watch TV?
  • Is energy efficiency, light control or privacy a major concern?


Whatever your needs are, you can find window shades and blinds that will be both elegant and functional while meeting them. Here are some window treatment options and their benefits in the living room:


  • Cellular shades: When you need energy efficiency, you’ll find that cellular shades offer extra window insulation.
  • Roman shades: They add a soft and elegant touch to the living room.
  • Designer screen shades: Use these shades when you need UV protection. They help preserve furniture and prevent artwork from fading.
  • Wood blinds: Hardwood blinds give a warm and cozy feel, and you can customize them with a variety of finishes.

Bedroom Window Treatments

Window treatments are a must in your bedroom because they provide privacy. They also make it easy to adjust lighting and temperature. We have several basic and custom bedroom window treatments to choose from, including the following:


  • Drapes: Drapes offer excellent light-blocking features that will enhance your quality of sleep. They’re heavier than curtains and provide better room insulation.
  • Roman shades: You can choose cellular, solar, motorized or basic roller shades. This option is the best one if you’re keen on automating the opening and closing of your window treatment.
  • Top treatments: Select a top treatment to add more artistic decorations to your window space. Options include valences, swags and cascades.

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Last Updated: September 16th, 2019

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