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Room Darkening Curtains in Philadelphia

Whether you want to sleep in or need a midday nap, a dark room is essential for creating a space where you can rest. Room darkening curtains block some of the light, outside noise and sun’s heat from coming in through your windows so that you can sleep well.

Our Process

At Allure Window Treatments, our team provides you with room darkening curtains that meet your needs. We work hard to help you find the perfect style and color to enhance your current home design.

Our experts will work closely with you throughout the entire job, from our initial consultation to the installation. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible throughout this process, so we’ve streamlined our services to just three stages:

Step 1: Free Consultation

Step 1: Free Consultation

Step 2: Order

Step 2: Order

Step 3: Installation

Step 3: Installation

Ensure a Good Night's Sleep and Increased Privacy

If the early morning light wakes you up before you’re ready, room darkening curtains could be what you need to sleep peacefully until your alarm sounds. Room darkening curtains are similar to blackout curtains, but they have a thinner liner that allows some light to pass through. These curtains filter most of the light while maintaining adequate illumination for whatever you need.

Room darkening curtains are excellent for providing privacy, too. Since they are thick enough to block around 95 percent of all the light that passes through your windows, they’re thick enough to protect you from wandering eyes. They can also block noise, allowing you to maintain a quiet sanctuary cut off from the outside world when you want to.

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Cut Costs and Protect Your Home

Room darkening curtains typically cost less than blackouts. What’s more, they can reduce energy use around the house. Air conditioning can become expensive, especially if your area has intense sun and extreme temperatures. These curtains can block the sun’s warmth, keeping your home at cooler temperatures without using more energy for your air conditioner. You can close them to avoid the sweltering heat of the midday sun and open them once the night brings cooler air to maintain a perfect temperature all day long.

The sun’s ultraviolet rays can fade furniture and flooring over time. Because room darkening curtains filter intense light, they protect those surfaces from damage, lengthening the lifetime you have with them.

Motorize Your Room Darkening Curtains

Take your curtains to the next level when you motorize them with Allure Window Treatments and control your curtains’ position from anywhere using your phone. Set them to automatically open at a specific time for a friendly wake-up call in the morning. Further decrease your energy bills with motorized darkening curtains when you pay attention to the temperatures in your home throughout the day and set times that they open and close, maintaining your desired temperature in each room.

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Find Room Darkening Curtains for Sale

At Allure Window Treatments, we provide our customers with options to motorize their window treatments. If you want to learn more about our room darkening curtains in Philadelphia and how they can benefit you, contact our team online!