Allure Window Treatments carries top quality wooden and aluminum blinds in Philadelphia, PA. Window blinds are a familiar window treatment to many and continue to be a go-to, staple window covering for horizontal and vertical options for several reasons. The adjustable nature of a blind’s thin slats to control light and privacy while the shade is lowered or traversed over the window makes it a versatile choice of covering.


Blinds can be matched to enhance any décor – elegant to transitional to modern. The material options for blinds are aplenty with distressed and stained genuine hardwoods, affordable faux-woods, and sleek to rustic aluminums. Within the material options are a plethora of striking color and stain choices. An overall beautifully complete look can be achieved by adding a decorative valance, accented cloth tapes, and chic wand attachments to coordinate with a room’s interior style. Because the Philadelphia area hosts homes and buildings with a wealth of diverse architecture, our designers can help you find a blind to perfectly suit any room.



Wood blinds are an excellent choice that will add enduring, rich, and warming ambient effects to any room in your home or workspace. All of our wood blinds are specially and masterfully crafted from quality hardwoods like basswood, cherry or oak and are available in natural stains, vibrant colors or white and ivory hues. You can see the natural grains flowing beautifully through each slat. Allure Window Treatments’ solid wood blinds are an appealing custom blind choice for many local Philadelphia area homeowners because of their lightweight structure, superior insulation abilities, versatile light blocking and privacy options and lasting durability against sunlight and other elements. Whether your taste is high-end and you have an affinity for hand-crafted authentic woods, or you love the look and feel of hardwood at a reasonable cost, there is a solution for you that comes with a lifetime guarantee.





Aluminum window blinds offer a clean, uncluttered appearance and superior durability that will grow with you in your home. Pair metal slats with real wood accents for a striking look or mix and match colors to create something totally unique. They are available with slats in earthy, natural tones, metallic that shimmers, or simple yet sophisticated matte colors for nearly endless design possibilities.


With their durable craftsmanship and stunning, contemporary appearance, Hunter Douglas aluminum blinds are great for kitchens and other harsh environments like bathrooms and laundry rooms where heat and moisture could warp or damage other blind materials.





Vertical blinds come in a wide range of vinyl, fabric and aluminum styles and an impressive array of colors, textures and patterns to transform your home with either traditional or modern vibes. These well-built blinds ensure longevity of use and functionality, beauty, and durability. When open, our Hunter Douglas vertical blinds stack tightly to offer the maximum views and optimal natural lighting and when closed the blinds display their rich fabrics and textures for stunning visual appeal. The standard, yet improved design of our Hunter Douglas blinds feature exceptional advancements to reduce light exposure for improved peace and privacy and allow for easy, smooth and quiet opening and closing. Vertical blinds have traditionally been used as a beautiful addition for sliding glass doors, but they’re also upscale solutions for large windows to accentuate your room’s height — especially in spaces like living or dining rooms where making a bold, elegant statement is essential.





While every Hunter Douglas custom blind design offers a degree of light control, some horizontal blinds offer superior benefits over other options. If you’re looking to block out as much natural light as possible — whether to achieve a full night’s rest or to reduce unpleasant glare in the late afternoon — explore our uniquely designed horizontal wood and aluminum blinds with specialized features to minimize light gaps, seams and route holes. When you invest in quality room darkening custom blinds for your Philadelphia home, you can have superior privacy and interior comfort, as well as enjoy reduced noise pollution, improved UV protection and increased energy savings. For even better light control and privacy, work with our team to design a set of drapes or curtains to accentuate the performance and style of your custom blinds.

Get Your Blinds Motorized

Motorized blinds in Philadelphia can beautify your home and boost its energy efficiency. You can link them with a smart control that turns the lighting off as soon as you open the blinds, for example. Using an automated blind system in Philly also provides better insulation, reduces heat transfer and can help you reduce your energy bills significantly. At Allure Window Treatments, we’re proud to offer motorized blinds to our clients in the Philadelphia area.

motorized window treatment remotes
automated window treatment system

Visit Allure Window Treatments Today for a Free Window Blind Design Consultation

When you need sophisticated, rich and quality new blinds for your home, trust the design experts at Allure Window Treatments to help you explore your horizontal and vertical blind options. We have over a decade of design experience working throughout the Greater Philadelphia area, and we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality and most stunning Hunter Douglas blinds. We’ll also help you find personalized design solutions that meet your unique aesthetic, needs and budget. To best understand the personal aesthetic and long-term expectations of our clients, we schedule free, detailed in-house consultations.


Reach out to us today to begin reimagining the look and performance of your Philadelphia home. Call 215-463-0440 to speak to one of our design specialists or complete our online form to schedule your free design consultation.


Last Updated: January 31st, 2020

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