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Our Process

The window treatment design consultants at Allure Window Treatments are dedicated to helping you realize your design goals using beautiful drapes, curtains and other window coverings. When you choose to work with our designers, we’ll provide support throughout the entire process, from consultation to installation.


Our customers in Philadelphia, Gladwyn, Narberth, Penn Valley, Newtown and across Pennsylvania discover the design difference perfectly fitted, high-quality window treatments can make in their homes. Our window treatments can benefit your home’s design by providing:

Step 1: Free Consultation

Step 1: Free Consultation

Step 2: Order

Step 2: Order

Step 3: Installation

Step 3: Installation


Solar Shades are the optimum solution for a client who wants to control sun glare and heat gain through their windows while maintaining their beautiful window views. While lowered over the window Solar Shades allow the viewer to see through the solar screen shade fabric to observe the outside world while blocking the majority of UV rays and sun glare. Most solar shadings are manufactured on a clutch roller system and are operated either by a durable chain loop or with a remote controlled motor. Because of the light weight of the solar fabrics, solar screen shades can be manufactured quite large to fit oversized windows.


Our consultants are experienced in assisting our clients in selecting the weave density of the solar fabrics for their shadings. The tighter the weave of the heat resistant synthetic fibers the smaller the openings are for light to pass through the fabric. Therefore, a fabric with a very tight weave will block the majority of light coming through the fabric, giving rooms a secluded and relaxed feeling with the view-out looking “smoked”. A more open weave allows more rays of light to enter the room. This delivers an open and airy feel to the atmosphere of the room and has a less noticeable effect on the view out the window.Together our consultants and clients weight out the options of balancing the appropriate atmosphere of the room with the degree of light control, UV protection and privacy.

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Philadelphia and its surrounding counties benefit from a wonderful mix of urban and suburban views and solar shadings are some of the best no hassle way to enjoy them while shielding your eyes and furnishings from harsh sun glare. We invite interested home and business owners in Philadelphia to view and handle our display model solar shadings in Philadelphia showroom. Now you have the access to the type of solar shade models seen around the world in some of the most advanced office towers and breath-taking Philadelphia homes. These shadings are available to the public or through commercial contract for large orders.

Beautifully framed views

Drapes can help you enjoy more scenic views of your garden or neighborhood landscape. They’ll create an attractive frame at the edge of your window space when you open them in the daytime.

Elegance and style

Style should be a reflection of your personal taste and the type of design that fits your home. We offer a large collection of style ideas that we can use to create a unique set of drapes, curtains, shutters or blinds for your windows.

Better privacy

Our consultants may recommend custom window blinds and shutters to improve your privacy. Our automated window treatments can be controlled with your mobile device from any part of your home.

Focal points

Use custom window treatments to create visual points of interest in your home. Drapes can also cover blank parts of the wall in your rooms to improve room aesthetics.

Illumination and illusion of space

With a professionally designed set of drapes, you can create the illusion of a bigger room. What’s more, floor-to-ceiling curtains create the impression of a longer room by presenting an illusion of height and openness.

Color and mood

We’ll make sure that the window treatments in each room fit the room’s purpose. We’ll also factor in the mood you’d like to have when you’re in a particular part of your house. For instance, the blinds we install in your bedroom will help you have sound sleep, while those in your study will stimulate mental alertness.

Get Your Roller Shades Motorized

Motorized roller shades in Philadelphia can beautify your home and boost its energy efficiency. You can link them with a smart control that turns the lighting off as soon as you open the roller shades, for example. Using an automated roller shade system in Philly also provides better insulation, reduces heat transfer and can help you reduce your energy bills significantly. At Allure Window Treatments, we’re proud to offer motorized roller shades to our clients in the Philadelphia area.

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