Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Window Treatments

Signs It's Time to Replace Your Window Treatments

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Window Treatments

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  1. How Long Do Window Blinds Last?
  2. How Long Do Shades Last?
  3. How Long Do Curtains Last?
  4. How Long Do Shutters Last?
  5. Where to Get Window Treatments in the Philly Area

Your window treatments provide your windows with privacy and protection from the sun’s glare. New blinds, shades, curtains, or shutters can accommodate the shape and size of your window. For example, you can install vertical blinds for your sliding glass door.

Window treatments in your home need to be safe for children and pets. They should also complement the overall interior design of your home. Here are some ways to know when to buy new window treatments.

How Long Do Window Blinds Last?

While the average lifespan of blinds is only a few years, wood blinds will last almost a decade. You could also get aluminum blinds or vertical blinds that last just as long. To maintain the look of your blinds, dust them at least once a week, and clean the slats after you cook in the kitchen.

If you’ve renovated your house and made some cosmetic changes, your current blinds might look outdated. Upgrade to a window treatment that will make you proud of your residence. You can choose from a variety of blind materials and textures to enhance the aesthetic of your living space. Here are some ways to know when to buy new blinds.

1. Yellowing or Fading Color

If you have white slats, they will eventually turn yellow and start showing dust and stains. Colored panels may also lose their vibrancy after excessive exposure to UV rays. The discoloration is one of the signs it’s time to replace blinds.

2. Cracking or Bending

The material of your window treatment is vulnerable to wear and tear damage. Wood can chip or develop mold over the years due to the humidity in the air, and aluminum is sensitive to sunlight. You should replace your blinds if you notice any cracking or bending in your slats.

3. Difficulty Lifting and Lowering

Your window treatment’s slats lift to let in sunlight and lower to provide privacy for your living space. If they aren’t working correctly, the pulling mechanism might have worn out. Replace these broken blinds before they become a safety hazard to you and your family.

4. Worn-Out Cords

The cords that control your blinds can fray if you use them often. To protect yourself and your family from injury, replace your worn-out blinds with a brand-new set.

How Long Do Shades Last?

Like window blinds, window shades can last up to a decade with the right maintenance. To get the most out of your window shades, dust them occasionally and clean up stains as soon as they happen.

As trends come and go, you will need to update your living space with more modern decor. Contemporary shades, such as roller shades, will provide your home with a clean appearance. You may also choose a more functional design, like a cellular honeycomb. Here are some signs it’s time to replace shades.

1. Difficult to Use

As the pulling mechanism of your shades begins to wear out, you’ll notice that it’s harder to open and close them. It’s time to replace shades when you can’t use them anymore. New shades will provide you with adequate protection from the sun and privacy from your neighbors.

2. Unsafe for Your Family

Shades that have worn out due to wear and tear could be hazardous to use. Frayed, tangled cords and broken slats can hurt your children’s fingers if they play with the worn-out pieces. To protect yourself and your family, replace your shades with newer, safer models.

3. Cracks in the Slats

Over the years, the slats could become brittle and develop cracks. If you’ve had your shades for decades, a whole panel may even fall off. Once you notice broken slats is when to buy new shades to provide a safe environment for you and your family.

How Long Do Curtains Last?

Fabric drapes and curtains typically last a few years less than blinds and shades because of their delicate material. Pet dander and dust particles can stick to the curtains and reduce the quality of their appearance. If you want your curtains to last more than a couple of years, wash them in the laundry on the delicate setting at least once a week.

While you’re renovating the rest of your house, you might as well change up the color or length of your curtains. Try out a new pattern or a more transparent material to bring more sunlight into the house. Here are some signs you should buy new curtains.

1. Fading Colors

The colorful fabric of your curtains can serve as a decoration for any area of your home. UV rays can cause the vibrant hues of your curtains to fade. Change out your curtains for new ones if you want to restore the color of your decor.

2. Frayed Fabric

Pets can claw and bite through fragile curtain fabric. Holes or rips in the corners and edges can be a sign that you need to replace your curtains. To get more use out of them, choose a thicker, high-quality material.

3. They No Longer Work

Thick curtains and drapes can regulate your home’s temperature by keeping out heat from the sun. The fibers in your curtains can wear out and lose their sturdiness over time. If your rooms are warmer and sunnier than you would like them to be, even with the curtains down, you may need to replace them.

How Long Do Shutters Last?

how long do shades last
If you take care of your shutters, they can last several decades, especially if you clean them often. If you’re renovating your home, consider replacing your old window treatments with modern plantation shutters. They’re easy to use, and they look great with any design aesthetic. Here are some signs it’s time to replace shutters.

1. Broken or Bent Shutters

After years of excessive use, window shutters can bend or break. You should replace old window shutters at the first sign of wear and tear. Broken panels make your home appear older, but they’re also dangerous to have in your living space.

2. Difficulty Opening and Closing

If your shutters stick when opening and closing, you have a problem with the pulling mechanism. Replace the window shutters that don’t work in your house.

3. Discolored Panels

Wooden panels can withstand UV damage better than most other materials, but their color will start to fade after a few years. If any of your wooden shutter panels become discolored, you should replace them.

Where to Get Window Treatments in the Philly Area

Where to Get Window Treatments in the Philly Area
Browse through our collection of window treatments to find one that fits your living space. Allure Window Treatments has the right blinds, shades, curtains or shutters for your home in the Philadelphia area. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.


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