What Are The Benefits of Smart-Home Automation?

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What Are The Benefits of Smart-Home Automation?

If you need convenient window treatments that save energy and increase security, consider home automation. This offers several benefits, including the following:

The Many Benefits of Home Automation

Energy Savings

Your HVAC unit will work harder if sunlight constantly shines through various windows in your home. To maintain a low energy bill, you must place motorized blinds or shades in spaces that generate the most heat. Automatic window treatments have sensors, which are located near the housing. Whenever intense sunlight shines on the sensors, the blinds or shades will close automatically.


If a resident in your home has limited mobility, motorized window treatments can be quite helpful. By pressing one button, the sensors will instantly close or open the blinds or shades. Automatic treatments also benefit kids because they won’t have to pull and tug on complicated pulleys or cords.

Increased Security

Motorized blinds or shades are ideal for people who spend days or weeks away from home. The technology runs on a timer, so the window treatments will let light into the home at specific times based on the user’s preferred schedule. Thanks to the programmable feature, travelers can keep their shades open in the morning and closed at night.

Energy Benefits

Automatic window treatments reduce heat gain and heat loss by regulating the temperature throughout a home. In the summer, motorized treatments can decrease heat gain by nearly 50 percent. Some shades and blinds can also keep cool air inside a space if the material is insulated.

Throughout the winter, strategically placed treatments can lower heat loss by 25 percent after the sun sets. Because blinds and shades trap warm air, you won’t have to run your furnace frequently when the temperature drops.

Understanding the Options

If you need an automatic window treatment for your bathroom, cellular shades are highly recommended. Since cellular shades have a unique design, you can walk around your bathroom without being seen. However, the shades will still let light into the space.

Roller shades should be considered if there are many neighbors in your community. Because these shades are perforated, sunlight will still shine into the home.

Shutters can completely block all sunlight during the day. If you enjoy taking naps, shutters will dim the room efficiently.

To design a smart home in Philadelphia, contact us and learn about the best options to match your needs and preferences.

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Last Updated: December 16th, 2019


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