Choosing Large Floor-to-Ceiling Window Treatments

Choosing large floor to ceiling window treatments

Choosing Large Floor-to-Ceiling Window Treatments

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  1. What Are the Best Window Treatments for Floor-To-Ceiling Windows?
  2. Things to Consider When Choosing Floor-To-Ceiling Window Treatments
  3. Should All of Your Window Treatments Match?
  4. Learn More About Floor-To-Ceiling Treatment Options

Large floor-to-ceiling windows make a statement in your home. You can soak up the natural light and gaze at the beautiful views. This contemporary style is a popular choice for people who desire an open atmosphere in their homes. You can improve your floor-to-ceiling windows by adding custom window treatments.

Floor-to-ceiling windows can let in a lot of light from outside and allow excess heat and cold air to escape in your home. While the view from these windows is stunning, you want to control your privacy and the amount of light you let into your home.

Large windows can make a statement in any room. Complementing these floor-to-ceiling windows with custom blinds, shades and drapes can tie the whole room together. Choosing floor-to-ceiling window treatments will make your windows look stylish and allow you to live comfortably in your home, so learn how to make the best choice for your fixtures.

What Are the Best Window Treatments for Floor-To-Ceiling Windows?

Large window treatments can help you enjoy the beauty of your floor-to-ceiling windows and improve the functionality of tall, bare windows. You just have to know the best ones to select for your space.

Many floor-to-ceiling window coverings and accessories are on the market. Which window treatments are the best for floor-to-ceiling windows will depend on the functionality and appearance you want. Consider some of these fixtures when you make your decision:

Motorized Shades

Motorized shades are a great option for all windows, especially the big floor-to-ceiling ones. Professionals can install shades in an inside mount on a window, which will still give you the clean, modern look that your large windows have to offer. You can have motorized shades custom-made so they will fit your aesthetic and your floor-to-ceiling windows perfectly. Since windows can let in a lot of natural light, shades can help protect your flooring and furniture from fading and other damage.

Motorized window treatments can improve energy efficiency in your home by limiting the amount of heat and cool air that large bare windows can let inside. Shades can help with home temperature control and can help your heating and air system to run efficiently without fighting drastic temperature fluctuations.

Motorized shades can also help give you more privacy. Bare windows may look appealing, but sometimes large window privacy can be an issue. The shades will roll down when you need them to with a remote button or connection to a smart device.

automated drapes for large windows

Motorized Drapery

Motorized drapes in your home will add a lovely design element to any room. Automated drapes on large windows can help with energy saving in your home, as well, and help decrease your energy bills. You can still enjoy the view from your floor-to-ceiling windows when you want to. Freely open and close your motorized drapes to fit your needs.

Since you won’t be grabbing the drapes to open and close them, you’ll limit the wear and tear on them over the years. Installing motorized window treatments on your floor-to-ceiling windows will let you enjoy the view without worrying about letting in too much light, drastic temperature changes in your home or privacy issues.

Floor-Length Curtains and Drapes

Whether you decide to automate your drapes or not, floor-length drapes and curtains are a great addition to your floor-to-ceiling windows. Your curtains or drapes should be a length that just skims the floor for a stylish and functional result. Manual curtains and drapes can still offer the benefits motorized ones do, like temperature control and privacy.

Things to Consider When Choosing Floor-To-Ceiling Window Treatments

You want to retain the beauty of your windows without having to completely cover them up. Certain window treatments will still showcase your floor-to-ceiling windows. Keep these aspects in mind when deciding on window treatments to make the best choice:

  • Keeping your view: A major reason people and architects love large windows is because of the view. You can look out over the city or admire the natural scenery around you. Having floor-to-ceiling windows is like bringing the outside into your home. When you choose to add window treatments, it’s crucial to ensure you won’t be sacrificing your favorite view.
  • Privacy: People want to feel safe in their homes. Securing your windows can help make you feel less exposed to the world. Adding shades, blinds or curtains can add a layer of protection and privacy for you and your family.
  • Lighting: Large windows can change the look of a room because of how much light they let in. If having natural lighting is important to you, select lightly colored or sheer window treatments to allow outside light to shine in your home.
  • Automation: Having automated window treatments is a great investment for floor-to-ceiling windows. Large windows can be extremely tall, and having to open those treatments manually could be a challenge. To keep a clean and modern look, install motorized window treatments to help improve the style of your home and windows.
  • Placement of interior furniture: Design the layout of your room with your large windows in mind. It’s best to leave space for the windows and treatments to showcase their beauty. Use your furniture to highlight the windows and the treatments you use on them.
  • Placement of exterior furniture: Be aware of what the outside of the windows looks like. If you have outdoor furniture directly outside your window, try and make it organized and complement the decor that’s inside your home, including what you choose for your treatments. You could also hide the view of outdoor furniture from the inside with the right drapes or shades.

Should All of Your Window Treatments Match?

Even though people will offer recommendations on how you should select your window treatments, it’s ultimately up to you. Whether you match all your blinds perfectly in your home or choose different fabrics for your drapes in every room, you should ultimately choose features that fit your needs and tastes. Because you use every room of your home differently, you may find you have varying needs according to:

  • Privacy: The large window privacy you need may vary by room. Bedrooms or bathrooms with tall windows may need thick, opaque curtains, while kitchens or other living spaces can have sheerer options.
  • Style: Your household members may use their bedrooms to show off their personal tastes. In that case, you may choose different window treatments for those rooms compared to living spaces.
  • Function: Think about whether you’ll keep your window treatments closed often or if you like to let in the light. That function can determine whether you pick motorized window treatments or manual options for different rooms.

Picking window treatments that match may work best for open floor plans and connected living spaces to give your home a cohesive look. Otherwise, you might pick accents based on the individual rooms. If you’re unsure of how to start picking out window treatments, contact a professional to help with designing ones for your home.

floor to ceiling window treatments

Learn More About Floor-To-Ceiling Treatment Options

It can be challenging to decide what window treatment options are best for your home. Windows come in all shapes and sizes, and having customized window treatments can be the best route for your home decor.

If you want to start the process of customizing your window accents, contact Allure Window Treatments today to learn about our custom designs and motorized options. Our team of designers and in-home installers can help you pick out the right window treatments for your large floor-to-ceiling windows. We can even help you book a free design consultation to get you started.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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