How To Make Your Home Energy Efficient With Window Treatments

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How To Make Your Home Energy Efficient With Window Treatments

Who says functionality and aesthetic appeal don’t blend well together? If you’re looking to spruce up your Philadelphia home while increasing energy efficiency, shopping for window treatments is a great place to start. When carefully selected and placed in ideal locations, these home accessories can reduce heat gain in the summer and drive down heat loss during the colder months.


Organic and Dual Shade Blinds

Window shades are among the most basic types of treatments, right up there with simple curtains, but one cannot deny how effective they are. When mounted as close to the glass as possible, it creates a sealed air space. You can also try to look for dual shades with high reflective surfaces on one side and heat absorbing on the other for a more effective way of managing natural light. Just remember to keep the warm side facing outside when it’s cold and inside during hotter seasons in Philadelphia.

Since you’re already taking the “green” route in decorating your home, why not take it one more step further by using shades made of organic materials. Some manufacturers make natural woven shades from bamboo and other similar woods. The lighter material of the blinds allows light in, without completely exposing you to onlookers outside.

Draperies with Quality Fabrics

Draperies are perfect for those who want to add a sense of subtle elegance in the interior of their homes. For the purposes of energy efficiency, however, it’s worth noting that performance will largely depend on the types of fabrics used. Luxury fabrics like velvets, damasks, leather, suede, silks and fur are some of the most popular today. All are considered generally effective, but it is recommended to keep draperies closed during hot days to prevent heat gain. Keep them closed on winter nights as well to reduce heat gain.

The color you choose for your draperies will also affect its abilities to ward off the cold or keep the heat inside. For instance, cooler colors like teal, soft green, lavender and aquamarine are less likely to absorb heat from the outside. Meanwhile, jewel tones like orange, gold and brown lend a cozy, warm atmosphere to the home. Just switch up the colors as the seasons change, and you’ll be set.

Automatic Shutter Systems

If you want something more contemporary to match your home’s minimalist theme, then you need not look further than shutters with a plain design. Shutters have a handful of advantages that are appealing to homeowners such as weather protection, no thermal shock, least use of interior space and added security. Some shutter systems are also completely automated, making it easier for you to operate via remote, switches or even through a mobile app.


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Last Updated: Decemeber 16th, 2019


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