What Are The Types Of Window Treatments That Improve Privacy

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What Are The Types Of Window Treatments That Improve Privacy

Windows allow natural ventilation and lighting inside a home, but window treatments or coverings provide owners privacy and safety from outdoor elements. Shades and draperies, described as “soft” types of treatments, are popular for their varied fabric designs, while blinds and shutters, considered to be “hard” treatments, are used to block or filter out light. Below are the most common window treatments homeowners in Philadelphia can use to beautify their homes and keep their property relatively safe.

Common Window Treatments That Improve Privacy and Lighting at Home


If you aspire for diversity in both style and function, shades provide numerous opportunities to create designs by combining textures and patterns with the right fabric weight. Honeycomb or cellular shades are the most energy-efficient because of their honeycomb-shaped paper or plastic element, which improves insulation. Meanwhile, Roman or balloon shades add a touch of romantic flair to any room for their billowy cloths. Rollers, tie-ups and solar shades are the other options.


Blinds are the most versatile of all as they allow you to control the amount of light and privacy you desire at any time using the adjustable slats. When pulled up, the slats or narrow strips of either wood or metal also give you a perfect view of the outdoors. Similar to shades, blinds come in different materials, including faux wood, aluminum and vinyl, which may either have vertical or horizontal slats. Horizontal blinds are often used to widen small spaces while the vertical variety works to achieve the opposite.

Draperies and Shutters

Draperies are classic window treatments with one of the most complex mechanisms. This type of covering, normally used in living rooms or other large areas, is operated by pulling cords with pulleys on a rod. Shutters are considered permanent treatments, which are used for filtering the view of a window. Despite having fewer creative options, shutters suit most home styles well.

Motorized Coverings

Motorized window coverings are becoming a trend as they offer the convenience of manipulating your treatments with a single click. Motorized or mechanized treatments are hardwired into a central system and controlled by a single device, either your mobile phone, a remote control, or a wall switch.

Motorized mechanisms remove the use of wands or cords, making them suitable for homes with younger children or seniors. Besides safety, mechanized shades and blinds are ideal for homes with tall windows or coverings with heavy components.

Homeowners have the option to install window treatments individually or combine them in a window—for instance, draperies over blinds—to receive the benefits of both. If you want to upgrade to combined treatments or to automate your blinds, choose only reputable providers, like Allure Window Treatments, to deliver products with quality materials and efficient operation.

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Last Updated: December 16th, 2019


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