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Window Treatments in Philadelphia: Choosing the Right Window Blinds

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Blinds are suitable window coverings if you want to control or adjust the amount of sunlight in your home. The adjustable slats provide enough versatility in how much exposure and privacy you desire for the room, as well as give you a perfect outdoor view once the slats are pulled up. Below are four general types of blinds in Philadelphia that suit specific windows.


Choosing the Right Window Blinds

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are common window treatments with wide, horizontal slats, which are ideal for your bathroom window. The slats or thin strips of hanging metal or wood can rotate up to almost 180 degrees, allowing either complete privacy or visibility to the user. Venetian blinds are known for the diverse design options they offer, on top of the varied options for the materials, including plastic, metal or wood.

Roman and Roller Blinds

Roman and roller blinds are similar in appearance, though they’re mostly used in different ways. Roman blinds, with their elegant minimalist plastic covers that do not allow any light in when pulled down, are suitable for home offices. Meanwhile, roller blinds add luxury to a bedroom.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are made with hanging slates in a vertical position and also come in various materials, such as plastic, aluminum, fabric or faux wood. Also known as track blinds, this variety is primarily applied to large windows and sliding doors. Vertical blinds are preferred for their energy efficiency and modern look.

Buying Tips for Blinds

  • Sizes. When you research online or visit showrooms, you will see three standard sizes of slats for blinds, namely, 1 inch, 2 inches and half inch. Half-inch products are the most common choices in contemporary homes, while those with 2-inch slats are mostly of the Venetian variety. The third type, the 1-inch blinds, fit in between the smallest and largest window width.
  • Colors. Regarding colors, there is actually no rule that dictates which shades are right for your room, as long as you’re open to experimenting. For a safe approach, choose neutral hues that match or are near the shade of the window trim. Take note that the color of your blinds shouldn’t be your basis when determining an overall theme for the room.

For your home blinds, assure optimum quality from reputable providers, like Allure Window Treatments, which has in-house designers you may consult about the right blinds to install.

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