Luminette® Privacy Sheers and Modern Draperies will embolden your space and offer a lustrous and functional designer window treatment that you can admire and enjoy for a lifetime. Luminette® Privacy Sheers in Philadelphia are an exceptional choice for large window expanses, sidelights, and sliding doors, which will provide you with bright stunning views, complete serene privacy, and everything in between. While not only superiorly useful for diminishing sun glares, diffusing light for a wondrous indoor glow, and offering an element of privacy, these vertical window options are a breathtaking choice that stir visual interest in any room.

Whether you are searching for a solution for grand panels of windows overlooking a sprawling urban city or just need the right touch for a set of sliding doors to slip out on to your backyard patio, Luminette® Privacy Sheers are ready to be customized to fit your needs.Soft sheer face fabric is bonded to durable vanes and easily tilts open or closed for a full outdoor view, a radiant day-glow of natural light, or a relaxed darkened room for solitude. (There is also a seamless privacy sheer option with no vanes for light diffusion.)

These treatments easily traverse along the window expanse using a motorized or manual operating system that is smooth, reliable, and enhanced for pet and child safety. Add sleek designer hardware and decorative finials to accentuate your sheers or draperies. Luminette® Privacy Sheers in Philadelphia boast a variety of textured sheers and printed vanes for greater color saturation while the draperies are available in a plethora of rich and vibrant colored fabrics.Create a unified and stunning vision of any room by pairing these vertical treatments with horizontal shades from Hunter Douglas.

You can also take advantage of the Accents by Yard program, which allows you to use the same Luminette® Privacy Sheers fabric for designing dazzling accent room pieces like pillows, duvets, valances, and more.All Luminette® Privacy Sheers fabrics are 100% polyester so they are anti-static and dust resistant, offer ultra-violent sun protection, and come with a Lifetime Guarantee. We happily and assuredly welcome you to browse our showroom and peruse the Luminette® Privacy Sheers collection.Incorporate a touch of divine elegance by treating your vast window or door expanses, and be confident knowing that you made a smart, stylish investment choice with Luminette® Privacy Sheers that is guaranteed to last for a lifetime – no hassle.

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