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Allure Window Treatments carries a wide variety of window shades in Philadelphia, PA. The category of “shades” includes several differing types that vary by style and functionality, so it is very important to become familiar with the specific forms. The key similarity in all shades is that they consist of a uniform fabric panel which can be raised or lowered (or traversed side to side for vertical options) to control light and provide degrees of privacy. Because of the simple, beautiful nature of a window shade covering combined with the superb functionality of providing light and privacy control, the limitless options are a guaranteed pleasure for any décor.

What’s in a shade? Fabric options! The shade cloth can be a traditional fabric like cotton or linen, usually ideal for a Roman shade or a balloon shade with cascades and folds and ripples. There are woven shades made of natural fibers like bamboo, grass, and reeds which provide an earthy, organic ambience. A soft pleated, cellular shade will offer your room dimension and insulation. High-tech solar and thermal-resistant fiberglass and polymer fabric shades are sleek, easy to manage, and provide optimal sun and light control. This surfeit of available fabrics means that we can match our client with the best shades in Philadelphia, PA and nearby regions to meet unique design preferences and light/privacy control needs.

Allure window treatments carries the following categories of horizontal shades: Honeycomb Shades, Roman Shades, Solar Roller Shades, Silhouette & Pirouette Shades, and Woven Woods Shades. Vertical options include Vertiglide shades, Luminette shades, and Skyline Gliding Window Panels. Our in-house designers will help to select the best shades in Philadelphia, PA that clients can utilize in their home or business. Determining the shade that will be most appropriate for your needs is based on technical factors, interior design principles, and ultimately our client’s personal style. All of our shades will be custom-made to order on a window-by-window basis and will either be made in a state of the art fabrication facility or will be made by hand. Hand-made shades will be manufactured locally by trained artisans and will offer some of the most in depth design options for customers who desire the finest fabrics.

Please click on the different categories of shades to learn more about their application and the individual look, feel, and orientation. Please contact us with any questions, or if you are interested in a shade type you do not see here. We can most likely design it for you!

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