At Allure Window Treatments our design repertoire includes more than just window fashions. In conjunction with our passion for fabrics and design excellence, we also house a fine collection of wall coverings and wallpapers in Philadelphia and surrounding areas. It is simply amazing how beautiful wall coverings can enhance and transform an ordinary room by creating an artistic backdrop with colors, textures, and dimensions. What’s more is that wall coverings are a remarkably sustainable design element in the fact that they reduce materials and transportation dramatically in regards to home and building design.

Clients can select from our current stock of wall coverings for their projects either as a supplemental purchase to a window treatment order or as an addition to a design project. Our designers are available for complimentary consultations for assistance and expertise when selecting the perfect wall coverings. Their extensive design background of design and architecture combined with discerning creativity is very useful when making choices for your interiors. Whether the project requires a traditional, contemporary, transitional, or ultra-modern style, our expertise and collections will take your rooms to the décor status looking to be achieved with luxury wall coverings in Philadelphia. Our creations will result in one-of-a-kind walls that are uniquely your own. They represent a commitment to ensuring each and every detail is perfect. Each panel is an extension of your inimitable personal style.

The twenty-first centuries wall covering market encompasses creations and materials that can literally transform, rehab, and add value to your homes aesthetic all in a few panels. An ever evolving and functional product line includes traditional vinyl coverings which serve as vapor barriers and thermoplastic three dimensional coverings which conserve heat and create new architecture with minimal materials. There are applications made from grasses and bamboos, polyesters and silks, textured and patterned foils, and faux-furs - all of which are designed for eco-friendly use in the most creative ways possible! Because conservation is an extremely important aspect of consumer choices, using wall coverings is a truly innovative and sustainable way to enhance your home without the labor, materials, and transportation costs.

When deciding on wall coverings in Philadelphia, it is important to think about quality. We carry only the finest brands of couture wall coverings from Ralph Lauren, Clarke + Clarke, Gianti, MDC Wallcoverings, Elitis, and Cosmos.

Please call us at our showroom at 215.463.0440 to learn more about wall coverings and wallpapers, or stop in our shop at 1714 Washington Ave. in Philadelphia to talk with our designers about your ideas.  

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