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Allure Window Treatments proudly specializes in motorized window treatment systems in Philadelphia. There is virtually a motorized operating system for almost any custom window treatment you can dream of: motorized shades, motorized blinds, motorized drapes, or motorized shutters.

Motorization can be implemented for just one individual window setting or for group operations throughout a home or business. You can seamlessly incorporate operation of your motorized window treatments with your already existing Smart Home system using an IPAD or mobile device, too! Motorized window treatments do not only make life a cinch for drawing the drapes or diffusing light. They are continuously praised for safety as they do not require cords which can eventually tangle, knot, and can be harmful to children and pets. They are also known to be highly energy-efficient if purchased with additional features like a Solar Energy Sensor or LCD Timer. The sensor detects the amount of solar energy being emitted into a room and automatically sends a wireless signal to open/close the shade for maximum energy efficiency. The LCD Timer uses customized settings to open/close the shades for sunrises and sunsets, ensuring privacy, and protecting furnishings. Just a touch of a button and the ambience of your room is transformed (practically hands-free)!

Using radio frequencies to transmit signals, there is an option for a low voltage power (12V-24V) or a high voltage power (110 V), depending on the size and scope of the shade or drapery track. An easy, reliable way to start using your remote control motorized system is by implementing a battery powered pack which is attached to the window treatment head rail and requires no additional wiring. Large scale jobs sometimes require hardwiring electrical lines though parts of your structure. We have expertly skilled professionals to tackle this job leaving no trace of invasive work behind and keeping your home or work space in prime condition!

Whether you live in a multi-room home, high-rise condo, or are looking to update your business space, motorized shades are ardently being sought after in the Philadelphia area. Allure Window Treatments has been specializing in helping our clients incorporate window motorization into their Smart Home systems for 5 years, and we would like to help you with your next project. Call us today with your questions and desires for your space. We are more than happy to help you from your first consultation through installation and beyond. We can be reached at 215.463.0440 or visit one of our showrooms located at 137 N. 3rd St. Philadelphia, PA 19106 or 1714 Washington Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19146. to receive more information for your smart home system in Philadelphia!

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