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Window treatments like shades, shutters, blinds and curtains serve a central purpose in your home. They provide shade and privacy while complementing the surrounding design of any space. At Allure Window Treatments, we want to help you add functional style and value to your South Florida home with our selection of high-quality window coverings and professional service.

Our Process

Step 1: Free Consultation

Step 1: Free Consultation

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Step 2: Order

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Step 3: Installation


Our priorities are top-level designs and outstanding service. We offer a range of the best available products to our customers throughout the Boca Raton area.We provide a huge selection of tailored window coverings for the following areas:


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At Allure Window Treatments, we know how important proper shading is, especially in the summer. Our wide selection of window shades near Hollywood, Florida, allows you to stay cool in style during any season. We offer classic horizontal and vertical shades from trusted brands like Hunter Douglas. Our team can also help you create the perfect shades to fit any style preference or window type.


Blinds are among the most versatile pieces of your interior design. They act with function and style, adding privacy, light control and sophistication to your space. Take a look at our wooden slat options if you prefer an organic undertone in your design. We also have aluminum blinds built to withstand heat and moisture, and they come in a variety of chic finishes. Customize your blinds to create the perfect accent for any room. We offer blinds near Fort Lauderdale and other South Florida communities.

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Whether you want to go bold or find something understated, drapes and curtains are a proven way to tie any room together. At Allure Window Treatments, we offer drapes and curtains near Palm Beach and the surrounding communities. Our extensive collection includes fabrics, designs and colors that you can customize to create the perfect drapes for your home.


If you’re in the market for shutters, Allure Window Treatments can privide them. Shutters are multifaceted furnishings that allow for greater privacy and light control in your home. They’re also a reliable way to add character to any room. Our selection includes wooden and polysatin shutters from Hunter Douglas along with an assortment of other window treatments near Miami. Incorporate shutters into your interior design today to enjoy all benefits of these versatile window coverings.

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Allure offers an array of motorized window treatments near Boca Raton. Motorization allows you to control your window shades or other treatments remotely. On sunny South Florida days, being able to close your blinds with the touch of a button can save you money on your next energy bill. In addition to increased energy efficiency, automated shading systems create a chic, seamless look in your home.

Beautifully framed views

Drapes can help you enjoy more scenic views of your garden or neighborhood landscape. They’ll create an attractive frame at the edge of your window space when you open them in the daytime.

Elegance and style

Style should be a reflection of your personal taste and the type of design that fits your home. We offer a large collection of style ideas that we can use to create a unique set of drapes, curtains, shutters or blinds for your windows.

Better privacy

Our consultants may recommend custom window blinds and shutters to improve your privacy. Our automated window treatments can be controlled with your mobile device from any part of your home.

Focal points

Use custom window treatments to create visual points of interest in your home. Drapes can also cover blank parts of the wall in your rooms to improve room aesthetics.

Illumination and illusion of space

With a professionally designed set of drapes, you can create the illusion of a bigger room. What’s more, floor-to-ceiling curtains create the impression of a longer room by presenting an illusion of height and openness.

Color and mood

We’ll make sure that the window treatments in each room fit the room’s purpose. We’ll also factor in the mood you’d like to have when you’re in a particular part of your house. For instance, the blinds we install in your bedroom will help you have sound sleep, while those in your study will stimulate mental alertness.


Proper window treatments are essential to stay cool and protect your home year-round. At Allure Window Treatments, you’ll find products from leading brands and dedicated support at every step of the process. Fill out our design consultation form and begin designing your perfect window coverings today.


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