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Choosing draperies and curtains for your Philadelphian house can be one of the most exciting part of interior styling. But you can’t just install any curtain you want. You have to consider the size, energy conservation, sunlight reduction and overall mood of your house. This could be a little difficult especially if you have little background on design. Fortunately, window styling tips never run short. Below are factors you have to consider in choosing drapes and curtains:

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Energy-efficiency has been a hot topic throughout the world. Unfortunately, the United States ranked 13th in the list of most energy-efficient countries, out of the 16 of the world’s largest economies included in the list.

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Remember when the prospect of being able to control most, if not all, of the functions and amenities of your Philadelphia home with a touch of a button was just a pipedream? Well, such a dream has now become a reality, thanks to the various technological strides in the field of home automation.

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Your home is an extension of yourself, so to speak. After all, friends and family can’t help but notice the nice personal touches you’ve added to each room, be it the furniture pieces, the upholstery, or the window treatments you’ve selected. Since you naturally want to make a good impression on anyone who visits your home, you might want to keep a couple of useful design tips in mind to make your home ready for the holidays.

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How your windows are designed can affect the entire mood of each room. After all, they let some sunlight in and allow you to enjoy the gorgeous snowy landscape outside your Philadelphia home during winter. Window treatments such as blinds and shades are quite popular among many homeowners and interior designers, although chic Philadelphia shutters with a vintage feel and timeless style make quite the impression and offer several advantages to boot.

French-style interiors are considered among the most elegant in the world. Renowned for its aesthetic value and often historical touches, French interior design is also one of the most popular design motifs among homeowners. An article on POST Online Media briefly touches on what this interior design scheme is about:

A recent announcement by Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter shows that the city is on the road to a greener future. According to news site Philly.com, Philadelphia has just accepted a nationwide challenge to join the ‘energy race’ with other U.S. cities, by making its largest buildings more energy efficient by next year. This is quite a timely matter for the city, as buildings currently contribute about 62 percent of its greenhouse emissions:

Another season means another opportunity to redecorate the house. Homeowners who are considering giving their abode a new look must listen to what Bill Cary of The Journal News has to say about the latest fall trends.

After interviewing some of the country’s most renowned interior designers, Cary says there’s a renewed interest among homeowners this fall for the mid-century modern look; either by using this as a central theme, or by giving certain elements, like the upholstery, a touch of this era:

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