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Tips on the Texture, Color, and Print of Your Drapes to Enhance a Room

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Drapes aren’t a piece of cloth you can just take off the rack. Because they are an important part of home decor, you need to spend time deciding which one blends well with your interior design. You can’t buy on an impulse without considering whether the texture, color, or pattern will enhance your home’s appeal or ruin it.


Drapes in Philadelphia are available in a variety of textures. Which one you choose should depend on the kind of mood you want your room to exude. For instance, heavy silk or velvet can create a more formal vibe. A plus: they are also good insulators.


Cotton sateen and silky rayon blends are practical options, while billowy linen or crinkly crushed velvet can bring out a casual feel in a room. If you want drapes that can match different styles, then you can go for cotton, cotton blends, and seasonless wools with crisp, thematic patterns.


Like all other window treatments in Philadelphia, drapes should be in the color that’s right for the overall look of your home. You can go for either a subtle blend or a daring combination. To blend just right, choose a color that duplicates the tone of a wall but a just a tad darker. In case you want a color that pops, pick a bright and bold shade that can draw attention.

When choosing a color, don’t forget the effect of sunlight through unlined drapes, effectively soaking room in color. Blue can exude an eerie feel while pink creates a cheery vibe, for example.

Prints and Patterns

Be careful when choosing the print or pattern of your drapes because these greatly impact a home’s look and feel. Solid drapes are best if your pieces of furniture or bedding are already adorned with patterns or prints; vice-versa if your furniture consists of solid colors. Small prints like paisley and dots, on the other hand, can give you a subtle touch of style and energy while large graphic prints, if done right, can bring out a daring appeal.

The texture, color, prints and patterns of drapes are important aesthetic factors to consider when shopping. Of course, one important thing to remember is to buy from a reliable provider to ensure the quality of material.

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