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Using Blinds in Combination with Other Design Features in Your Home

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Blinds can be a very functional addition to your windows. They allow you to control the amount of natural light that enters a room, and can help you control temperatures or maintain privacy in your Philadelphia home too.

If you’re planning to have blinds installed in your property, you need to consider how they’ll work in combination with other design aspects to look aesthetically pleasing. Here are some ideas on how to have your blinds blend seamlessly with the rest of your decor.

Color Complementing

Blinds are available in a range of colors and materials, which means you can choose some that complement the color and style of your current decor. You may choose a wooden blind to suit a rustic or classic room, or aluminum blinds for a more modern look.

Your blinds could also match other focal points in your room. Aluminum blinds could stand out in a room with other silvered metal features, or a wood to bring out the warm tones in a room.

Using Blinds in Combination with Other Designs

Mix Hard and Soft Textures

Many blinds are rigid, so you can soften the look and make a room more interesting by using plush fabrics in combination with them. A soft curtain, thick-pile rug or lots of pillows will all look stylish when backed against hard textured features such as a wooden floor or aluminum blinds.

Alter the Design of Your Blinds

If you want the blinds themselves to stand out in your room, you can do that too. You can select blinds in a number of colors and styles, and add extra features such as a valance, cloth tape or wand attachments if you want extra pop.

Add in a Pattern

If you’ve chosen plainly designed blinds, you may wish to liven up a room a bit with a bold pattern. There are many ways you can do this, but one trending idea is to install a patterned wallcovering or wallpaper.

You may choose to have a feature wall as a focal point, or cover your whole room, but either of these options will go well with blinds. Wallpaper in Philadelphia now comes in a variety of textures, so you don’t just need to use a flat design if you’d rather have something more interesting in your room.

If you’re ready to have blinds installed, or look at wallpaper options, contact a reputable window treatment company for more information on what will suit your space best.

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