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Homes Adapt to Philadelphia Climates with the Right Window Treatments

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For homeowners, curtains and drapes in Philadelphia are more than just window coverings that ensure privacy. These decorative additions actually reflect their personality and flair for style. Not only do these accents add aesthetic value to a space, but they also make a room more inviting and more comfortable to be in, as they soften the impact of harsh climates.

Several Options to Choose from

Trendy window treatments styles now move beyond the classical curtains and tapestries. Blinds are now available in aluminum or wood grain styles, which are more resilient than vinyl or laminates, and they won’t warp or peel when exposed to sunlight.

If you want to add a modern touch to your home’s design, you can install shades with different geometric patterns. You can even go tech savvy and have them automated. With just a push of a button, you can draw your drapes, shades, or blinds, to control the lighting in your room.

The Right Window Treatments

Keeping Warm

Winters in Philadelphia can range from mildly chilly to teeth-chattering cold, especially in peak months of December and January. You can keep cold air away from your home by installing curtains made of tightly-woven, thick, and heavy weight fabrics like suede, denim, velvet, and the like.

Insulated window treatments like blinds and shades are made of different layers of materials, with air pockets in between which trap warm air and keep it indoors. With the right treatments, you can prevent heat loss from your home, and make your rooms warm and appealing.

Staying Cool

As temperatures in the city reach record highs in July and August, residents can still be cool and comfy without having to crank up the air conditioning. The amount of heat that enters through your windows can be filtered out by drapes and shades.

During the hottest times of the day, keep the curtains and blinds drawn, especially in parts of the house that receive the most sunshine. Some window treatments are made of special materials that reflect heat outwards, while still being see-through enough to allow natural light to pass.

Truly, window treatments come in various styles and practical functions. Depending on your knack for interior design, you can always draw inspiration from a multitude of materials, colors, and textures. If you need more ideas, you can always consult with the window covering specialists. Visit them today, and be on your way to giving your living space that extra wow factor.

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