Philadelphia Window Treatments

If eyes are the windows to the human soul, then windows could be the eyes to the soul of a room. Allure Window Treatments believes this and understands the importance of choosing the ideal window treatment to complete a room’s identity - aesthetically and functionally. There is a significant variety of window treatment types within the broader categories of shades, blinds, shutters, and fabric drapes. It is our pleasure and duty to provide our expertise in this specialty area to the city of Philadelphia, the Greater Philadelphia areas, the Main Line, and to South Jersey.

When purchasing window treatments, one should first consider the use and need for the room or area that needs to be outfitted. Is it a bedroom which is receiving too much light that may need a blackout shade? Is it a living room or office which needs privacy but needs to be illuminated which can be achieved with a translucent shade? Privacy and lighting are the two most important factors to consider when first thinking about window treatments. Specific treatments are available for accomplishing one use over another, for instance using a black-out fabric for a room that needs privacy and room-darkening for the majority of the time, or a semi-opaque fabric for a room that needs light most of the time and privacy at certain daily intervals.

Light-control is an area where there are several options too. Blinds have the ability to tilt, so you can either eliminate most light or bend the light in the direction you need. Shades will fold and retract, to either expose or cover your window space, while providing the light control you want depending on the opacity or openness of the fabric.

Operating mechanisms are another important factor when considering window treatments. There are cordless and other no-hassle operating systems so that managing your treatments is simple. Motorization with remote-controls or wall switches is a great option as well. Visit our showroom located in Philadelphia. Window treatment samples with the myriad of operating mechanisms are available for you to get a first-hand experience with the variety of styles and devices.

Allure is happy to help you in any way possible, and we strive to be the leading window treatment source in and around Philadelphia. Window treatments have many technical aspects that need to be addressed when trying to achieve a certain goal. Our designers and in-house installers work together with care to ensure your designs are finished professionally and beautifully.

Call us, visit the showroom, or scan through the photos here on our website to get ideas for your home. Our locations 137 N. 3rd St. Philadelphia, PA 19106 and 1714 Washington Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19146.

We can also be reached at 215.463.0440 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .