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Revamping the Look of Your Home with Motorized Shades and Wallpaper

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If you’ve been thinking of changing up the aesthetic of your home for quite some time now, why don’t you start with simple things such as motorized shades and wallpaper? Not only are they relatively inexpensive compared to knocking down walls or retiling your bathroom or kitchen, you can easily replace them when you want to change your home’s look once more.



Motorized Shades

Installing modern styles of blinds, curtains, custom drapes or shutters can transform your windows giving your home or office a fresh new look and feeling. With motorized curtains, drapes, shades or blinds, you can control the amount of light streaming in the room. They can automatically adjust to your desired level or can be reset with the push of a button. Windows that are difficult to reach can also be easily adjusted using a remote.

With its insulating properties, motorized shades in your Philadelphia home can also help reduce your heating or air conditioning costs significantly. Better yet, they improve safety by helping you maintain privacy.

motorized shades and wallpaper


If you’re looking to redecorate the walls instead, consider changing up your wallpaper. While it is an excellent way to completely transform your home, you can also choose to use to add personality to rooms like nurseries or children’s bedroom.

Don’t limit yourself to just the walls though, you can also wallpaper the ceiling, adding cohesiveness and unity to the interior design. In small spaces, the right wallpaper can even make the room look bigger than it is by creating a “jewel-box” effect. Another interesting way to use wallpaper is by framing it and using it as artwork.

With all the many ways that you can use wallpaper, it just goes to show that when it comes to interior design, you are only really limited by your imagination.

There are many quality designer wallpapers out there with a variety of dimensions, colors, and textures that can be matched with your window dressing or motorized shades to individualize your home or home. Talk to experts and find out how they can help you create the look that you want with the right kind of window treatment. See how a simple changes such as these can breathe new life into your space.


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