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Philadelphia Home Automation: Stress-Free Living within Your Grasp

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The computer age in this 21st century has given rise to the transformation of many every day devices into smarter versions of their predecessors. Today, there are smart phones, smart automobiles, and even smart watches. With them, more and more tasks are becoming fully or partially automated, making them easier to use and depend on.

Stress-Free Living within Your Grasp

In light of all these changes, why not also have a smart home? It can definitely make living in your home safer, easier, and in most instances, more cost-effective. Think of it this way: your espresso machine starts brewing as you wake up, outdoor lights turn on as you pull into the driveway at night, and your window shades are fully motorized, among many other nifty features. Essentially, your home reacts to your living patterns and automatically does things that would have normally needed your effort and time.

You get to enjoy all that with the push of a button on your phone or even by simply speaking out loud. The house takes care of itself even when you’re not in. So when nagging little doubts like not being sure whether you set the security alarm, or if you turned the TV off before stepping out, start to crowd your mind, you quiet all your worries with a quick glance at your mobile device. Pretty cool right?

In relatively cold cities like Philadelphia, it’s common for many folks to leave their heating on during the day so the house isn’t too cold, and while it is more convenient, it is also quite expensive in terms of energy bills. With home automation, you can preset your heating to go off as you leave the house, then have it turn on and warm up the house a couple of minutes before you return.

In hot weather when the sun is shining in all its glory, having automated window shades do not just guarantee convenience, but also help in energy savings. This is because accumulated heat from unfiltered sunlight poses a major burden on your air conditioning. With preset timers on your electric shades, they automatically adjust to block sunrays and reduce the buildup of heat, eliminating the need for you to remember to lower shades every now and then.

It’s like all those stuff of science fiction movies have today become a vivid reality. If you are looking to automate your home or need motorized solutions for your windows, leading industry specialists, such as Allure Window Treatments, who serve commercial and residential clients in Philadelphia, offer free consultation services so you can discuss your needs and have them provide expert measuring, and professional installation for your home.

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