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Guide for Custom Drapes: Choosing Material, Color, Length, and Design

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In planning the installation of custom drapes for your Philadelphia home, you must consider color, material, lining, and length.

Choosing Material Color Length and Design

Fabric and Color Considerations

The fabric is a very important element because the material will determine how efficiently a curtain can insulate a space during the summer and winter. If the fabric is very heavy, it may not fold properly while the curtain is closed. If the material is too light, the process of layering the fabric and keeping it in a specific configuration will be challenging. This is why you must choose a sturdy, pleated material. Curtains that always flare will not stay in place on a window.

If a lot of sunlight shines through your window, do not buy bright drapes because the UV rays will fade the fabric. Instead, choose a neural color since it will less likely fade.

During the winter, a home needs thick drapes that can insulate various spaces. The best fabrics worth considering are tapestry, suede, tweed, and velvet because they are very heavy. The additional weight helps these fabrics block light and trap heated air in a space. If you need better insulation, choose drapes that have felt material between the fabric and lining. You cannot buy silk drapes without the felt material because the insulation prevents corrosion.

Lining and Length Considerations

Custom drapes must hang properly over a window. To avoid problems during the installation process, determine how high the drapes will hang above the window. Most designers place curtains about five inches over a frame. However, if you prefer a more dramatic look, install the drapes higher above the frame.

If a space needs a more traditional design scheme, the fabric should rest slightly on the floor. To achieve this look, you must add about two inches to the curtain’s total length. If you prefer a modern look, the panel must remain flush with the carpeting.

Benefits of Getting Custom Window Treatments in Philadelphia

During the design process, you can work with a company that specializes in custom window treatments, such as Allure Window Treatments. Customizing with the help of professionals will help avoid mistakes in measurements and materials. You can rest assured the finished products will not only give you proper insulation, but will blend in wonderfully with your interior design as well.

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