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Cold Weather Window Treatments for Better Home Efficiency in Winter

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During winter in Philadelphia, a lot of heat escapes through the windows. When compared to walls, windows are less insulated because glass has an R2 insulating capacity, which is low. Winter window treatments can help solve this problem. Certain solutions can raise the insulation rating for each window to R7 or higher. Good insulation is crucial because it leads to reduced heat less and lower energy bills.

Cold Weather Window Treatments for Better Home Efficiency in Winter


Conventional drapes can lower heat loss by 10 percent. However, to achieve the best results, the drapes must be hung extremely close to the window. To reduce heat loss by 25 percent, place a cornice over the drapes and overlap the fabric in the middle. This technique will create a barrier with improved insulating abilities.

Window Film

Clear window film insulates a home without blocking the view out of the window. If you apply a quality film, it will cut heat loss by 25 to 40 percent.

Low-e window films are efficient because they provide better insulation. Each film has a metal coating that keeps long-wave thermal energy out of a home. The metal coating cannot be seen while standing within a space. However, when standing outdoors, the coating will reflect light like a mirror.


Quilts reduce heat loss like window film and drapes. Although the material feels soft, it has multiple layers of polyester and heat barriers, which lower heat loss by 25 percent. Some quilt manufacturers make radiant barriers out of aluminized Mylar.

Insulated Blinds

Insulated blinds trap heat when the shutters are closed. These treatments have a honeycomb configuration that separates cold and warm air in a space. At most stores, you will find blinds that have a single-honeycomb and double-honeycomb structure. The double configuration performs better on cold days because it has a higher R-value.

Roller Shades

Roller shades have multiple sheets that can cover an entire window. Because these shades remain close to the glass, they reduce heat loss by blocking convection currents.

When installing roller shades, the reflective side should face the inside of your home. The dark side absorbs heat, so it must face the sunlight that shine outside the home. If you place roller shades on every window, heat exchange reduction will improve by 25 percent.

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