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Window Treatments for Philadelphia Homes that Can Help Save Energy

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If you need to save energy in your Philadelphia home or office building, highly efficient window treatments can help. By installing awnings, drapes, films, or blinds, you can lower heat gain and heat loss during the summer and winter. Call on professionals like Allure Window Treatments to help you learn more about your options.

 Window Treatments for Philadelphia Homes that Can Help Save Energy


According to energy experts, awnings can reduce solar heat gain by 65 percent in the summer. A typical awning can shade a single window quite effectively. If you need to shade a larger portion of your home, you will need a custom-made awning.

Several years ago, awnings were constructed out of canvas or metal. The latest awnings are more durable because they are made out of acrylic fabrics, which resist water damage, fading, and mildew. When choosing an awning, ensure that the fabric is tighten woven and opaque. If the material has a light color, less sunlight will heat the environment underneath the awning.


Horizontal or vertical window blinds reduce heat gain and heat loss very efficiently because of the openings between each slat. By adjusting the slats, you can easily control ventilation and lighting in the space.

Exterior blinds should be considered if you need steel, aluminum, or wooden window treatments. After the blinds are mounted over a window, different side channels will direct the blinds whenever they are raised or lowered. To reduce heat loss in a compact space, you must lower the blinds and close them.


Although drapes can reduce heat loss, certain factors can influence how much heat is blocked throughout the day. To manage air flow in a space, you must always consider the fabric type and the color of the material. According to studies, medium-colored draperies that have a plastic backing can lower heat gain in an environment by 33 percent.

High- Reflectivity Films

High-reflectivity films perform well in cool climates because they reflect the sun’s heat in an efficient manner. However, you must understand that the effectiveness of the film will depend on the window orientation, the climate, and the size of the glazing area.

Silver films that have a mirror-like coating are more effective than transparent films. During the application process, place various films on the west-facing and east-facing windows because heat gain is higher in these locations.

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